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Beata, mummy

Karen is such an amazing person and I couldn't choose a better doula for birth of my first child. She was a great support not just for me but for my husband also. She knew exactly what I needed without saying a word and made the whole experience more calm and positive. You can tell she enjoys what she is doing and puts her heart in it. I can highly recommend Karen. Thank you.

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Jade, mummy

I had Karen at the birth of our daughter recently in April. She was so supportive, caring in so many ways. She came up with different ways to help me and make me feel calm. I highly recommend Karen. She is professional and you can really see the passion and love she has for her work. Not only was she at the birth she was there beforehand through messages and phonecalls giving advice where she could as well as postnatal. If I was to have more kids I'd have Karen there without a doubt. 

Rachel, mummy

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“I am so grateful for Karen’s support through my second pregnancy and postpartum. After my first birth experience, I learnt I needed someone to advocate for me during the birth process and after meeting Karen I knew I could trust her with that. Karen shared her wealth of birth strategies, such as setting a clear birth plan, as well as self positive affirmation and mindfulness techniques. During the postpartum period, Karen provided invaluable breastfeeding and recovery support. Karen regularly checked in with me and knowing she was around helped me feel confident and prepared during this life changing, beautiful season. Thank you Karen!”

                          Jenny, mummy



My time with Karen during my pregnancy, labour and birth were priceless. The initial reason I wanted a doula was to ensure I had a voice advocating for my birth wishes during labour, but during our time together, she helped me find my own voice. I felt supported so much during our prenatal visits that during my labour, I had the courage to speak up for myself and my baby. Her encouragement through the months leading to my daughter’s birth, and reminders that I am a fully capable woman with the inner strength to achieve the birth I dreamed of, we’re exactly what I needed. 


I was very nervous to give birth in a hospital, so she worked through my fears with me and I was able to come to the place where I knew I could birth my daughter the way I dreamed of, even in a hospital setting. 


I ended up needing her to come to the hospital twice, once for a false start, the other for the labour and birth! She was there through it all, and I am so grateful she even thought to get videos and photos during the labour! 


She cheered my husband and I on through the whole process, provided incredibly useful tools to avoid interventions and medication during the labour, and even brought me an incredible meal and snacks when she came to visit us after we came home from the hospital! 


Karen played a pivotal role as my support person, and she helped my husband to be there for me in ways he wouldn’t have known otherwise. He tells all his friends that his number one piece of advice to all pregnant couples is to get a doula! It gave him the power to really be present for me and he saw how much it helped me too. 


My birth story is everything I ever dreamed of. I have Karen to thank for so much of that!  


Jenny Merrin

Ashleigh, mummy


I highly recommend Karen for any soon to be mums who are looking for care and continuity in their pregnancy.


My partner and I engaged Karen's services late in my second trimester as I became increasingly nervous about birthing in the public healthcare system without a familiar midwife. 


Karen was able to bring a sense of calm and knowledge to my pregnancy and later, my daughter's birth.  Her support and knowledge were absolutely invaluable to us!

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