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   Birth and Postnatal Doula with the Australian Doula College

Infant Massage Instructor with IMIS.

OMP Course with Optimal Maternal Positioning

Thompson Method Breastfeeding Program for Professionals



Birth Doula Services listed below:


I initially meet with my potential client or client and partner to have an open and friendly conversation to familiarise ourselves with each other. This is an obligation free meeting that runs for approximately 30 minutes. This provides an idea of whether the client would like to go ahead with my services.




  • Three visits before the birth consisting of 2 hours each (preparation for birth)

  • On call service 24/7 by phone two weeks either side of your due date

  • Optional access to Tens machine (electronic pulsing to assist pain relief)

  • Optional use of Robozo (to assist with positioning during pregnancy and labour)

  • Optional acupressure to support natural induction in labour

  • Visualisation cards for home and the birth room

  • Use of Optimal Maternal Positioning while pregnant and in labour

  • Attendance with mum or mum and partner during labour, birth and after until you are happy for me to leave

  • One postnatal visit. (Support after birth)


Visits before birth include:


  • Collaborative creation of a birth plan or wish list.

  • Discuss previous births, if any

  • Discuss plans for siblings, if any. What is the plan for them?

  • Discuss with and include the partner, their thoughts, wishes for the birth and how we work as a team?

  • Back up Doulas, how this works?

  • Talk about my role as a Doula

  • Address concerns and fears, if any?

  • What to take to the birthing location, what to pack in your bag?

  • Optimal Maternal Positioning (positioning for pregnancy and while in labour)

  • When to call the Doula?

  • Pre-labour, how you might see your day unfolding when it comes?

  • Birthing education classes, are you doing them?

  • When in hospital, how we communicate with staff when needing to make decisions?

  • How do you handle stress and challenges in general?  How we calm you down?

  • Discuss the benefits of massage, how it could help you in labour. 

  • Visualization and meditation, how this helps you before birth and in labour.

  • Aromatherapy, acupuncture and homeopathy, what are your thoughts?


This is a guide of what is generally discussed, but not limited to, during visits.  The package can be changed to suit your needs.

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Post birth visits:


  • Birth debriefing

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Bathing support and tips

  • Settling support and tips

  • Discussing any concerns, supporting mum around these concerns

  • Caring for baby while mum has a rest or shower

  • Light housework and cooking

  • Helping with siblings


My postnatal package consists of 10 hours

Visits are a minimum of 2 hours each

Or my hourly rate is $75

Content of care is as above

Of course, the service above can be amended to suit your personal requirements, I am here for you.

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If you are considering engaging a Doula for the birth of your baby, I would love to speak with you.

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