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A Doula is an amazing support person for you and/or your partner prior and during the wonderful time of birth.


Additional experience, support, trust and education.


Another pair of hands and an extra brain can be a comfort to help and rely on so you can enjoy this momentous time in your families' lives.

Birthing a baby is an experience you want to remember as being one of the most beautiful windows in your life.  You will want to reflect on it and smile and be able to say my birth was the most rewarding time.

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I first meet with you for a free, no-obligation meeting. This will run for approximately 1 hour and will provide you with a clear indication of whether you feel I am the right fit for you and your family. 

Upon booking, we will meet a further 3 times. Together we will discuss any previous births, if any. Our meetings can cover topics ranging from, but not limited to, plans for siblings, your partner and/or other family members and how they want to be involved. We will discuss any preparations already in place and discuss any concerns and/or fears you may have. I will help you to build a birth plan or a wish list, empowering you to make fully-informed decisions with confidence and conviction. 


I will also be on call to you 24/7 by phone for two weeks either side of your due date.

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As well as the meetings mentioned above:

Attendance during labour, birth and until you are happy for me to leave.

Use of a Tens machine.

Use of Robozo.

Use of Homeopathy and Aromatherapy.

Above is an idea of what is generally discussed, but not limited to, during visits.


Post birth visits:

 Birth debriefing

Breastfeeding support

Bathing support

Settling support

Discussing any concerns

Support for mum and partner, both mentally and physically.


More postnatal visits are available if required, at an hourly rate.


Of course the services above can be changed to suit your needs - I am here for you.

Hand on Bump

I am Karen, I became a Doula to help women and their partners experience the best birth they can.  My love of pregnancy, birth and newborns has brought me to this stage in my life to help parents be able to secure the best start to their new or growing family life.


If you are considering engaging a Doula for the birth of your baby, I would love to speak with you.

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