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Birth Doula & Baby Massage

Karen Linfield Birth Doula & Baby Massage was born out of my love of pregnancy, birth and babies. My own birth experiences lead me to want to support, comfort and guide women, and their partners, on their personal journey.


I want to help women and their families in all situations, whilst making deep and real connections with each individual story. From new mums to mums with children; from mums with little to no support, to mums who wish for an extra pair of hands. I want to create a beautiful space for you to feel safe, confident and empowered to deliver your baby in a way that feels authentic to you.


I want to use a friendly, calm and supportive approach.


I want to build a relationship with my client where they feel cared for listened to and feel comfortable with me.

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Tiny Feet

Read what my previous clients say about working with me.

Hand on Bump

Find out more about how I can be there for you both as a doula and for baby massage.

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